RFU are planning a MAJOR change to grassroots rugby - Ruck

RFU are planning a MAJOR change to grassroots rugby

The Rugby Football Union is thinking about introducing weight restrictions for certain levels of grass-roots club rugby, reports the Telegraph.

RFU rugby development director Steve Grainger revealed they are currently looking at following the model currently employed in New Zealand.

There are currently three adult leagues in Auckland dedicated to weight-related rugby.

“The weight maximum is 85kg [13st 5lb] and there are not many people lighter than 80kg [12st 8lb],” Grainger said. “It is keeping a lot of adults in the game.

“We have looked at it in the age-grade game and discounted it. We will look at it in the adult game, particularly in the university arena where you have got kids who are relatively small but were fine when playing in their own age group.

“All of a sudden they are going to adult rugby and playing someone who is 10 years older than them and 25kg (4st) heavier. It is something we will take a good look at.”

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