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RUCK Announce SpreadEX As Official Betting Partner

The team are delighted to announce a new partnership with online spread betting brand, SpreadEX

As the publisher’s Official Betting Partners, SpreadEX will have their branding around the website and help us create exciting new content ahead of big fixtures.

Spread betting is a way of speculating on price movements to turn a profit. Also known as ‘spread trading’, the basic premise is to accurately predict whether a financial market price or sports outcome will finish higher or lower than the ‘spread’ on offer. 

RUCK readers will be presented the chance to claim exclusive spread betting deals, gifts and promotions. This is in addition to competitive odds on fixed-odds rugby betting. 

SpreadEX spokesman Andy MacKenzie said: “We are delighted to be partnering with as we see a great synergy between both our sites. 

“SpreadEX was founded in 1999 offering the chance for rugby experts to place spread bets on the game, giving a challenging and diverse alternative to traditional fixed odds. 

“Our clients consider themselves among the more savvy punters out there due to the fact that spread betting is a form of gambling that works on degrees of correctness – i.e. the more right you are, the more money you can make. 

“We know that RUCK writers – and, more importantly, readers – really know their stuff when it comes to all things rugby so we think they will take great delight in testing themselves against our spreads. 

“With hundreds of ultra-specific markets to choose from on the SpreadEX site such as predictions on the number of match points or tries, time of first match try, tryscorers’ combined shirt numbers, kicking metres or match performance, we think that anyone who loves RUCK will also enjoy this different way of betting on their favourite sport. 

“It’s important to remember that while spread betting is tailored for those with a wealth of knowledge on the game, it does also come with an element of risk, and you can lose more than your initial stake if you call a bet wrong. 

“So with that in mind we do also offer a full traditional fixed odds service if the spreads are something you still want to build up to.” 

Jon Graham, Commercial Director of, added: “I’m delighted that SpreadEX is the new principal partner of Ruck. 

“We will be working in partnership to develop some engaging content across all of our platforms over the coming weeks. Rugby was highlighted as a key sport for SpreadEX and, as the leading Rugby Union digital platform, there was a natural fit with Ruck. 

“We encourage everyone to know their limits and to bet responsibly at all times.”