Rugby player found man who assaulted him and helped him join a team in prison

  • Thomas Beccar Varela helped boy who assaulted and robbed him get into rugby
  • Thomas contacted Oderigo Coco who was his coach and is also the promoter of the Spartans
  • “It was a very positive experience,” explained Thomas
Two months ago, Thomas Beccar Varela, 18, was assaulted in his home in San Isidro. A 19-year-old entered the house, he took a knife, threatened his sister and began demanding money.

His father was taken hostage in the car when the thief tried to flee. Along the way, the police began shooting into the vehicle. His dad was shot by the soldiers, which  smashed his femur.

Far from being blinded by the anger, Thomas decided to track down the assailant, who was detained in a police station, and convinced him to enter The Spartans, which is the rugby team of prisoners of Unit 48 of San Martin .

“I think we all deserve second chances.” revealed Thomas.

“Javier [the young man who assaulted him], did not have many. His mother died, his father left him, his brother was in prison. He never learned not to read or write,” said Thomas La Nacion.Thomas contacted Oderigo Coco, who was his coach and is also the promoter of the Spartans, project that began in 2009.

“Coco found him and got him to move to San Martin prison,” said the young man, playing rugby in the SI”During the assault I was very angry. He insulted Javier very strong.

He was very angry, was taken because my sister threatened with a knife,” Thomas recalled.”But once it happened, I thought that all this could leave something good, so I looked,” he said.

A difficult decision

A few days ago, Thomas went to jail to play a rugby match with Javier and the Spartans.

“When I was entering the criminal he felt a little scared. Just I saw him I relived the whole scene, but this time otherwise,” he said.

“It was a very rare moment, I would not know how to describe it. Javier is shy, not say anything, not a person who is used to the affection and friendship, maybe I never had. But it was a very positive experience,” explained Thomas .

“When I decided to do this, did not tell anyone. For me it is a way to not keep the fear at the time of the assault, to live with other people in a better way. De bring good out of an ugly moment,” said Thomas.

He concluded: “I hope this helps you get ahead in the flag of the Spartans, prisoners change for the better, it shows that Javier has already played rugby think it’s a breakthrough..”

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