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Rugby Union betting round-up: Premiership, Six Nations…

It was a busy weekend for rugby, with the return of the Six Nations, a big-time international fixture, and the Premiership play-off final. But how much could spread betting fans have won?

Who can still win the 2020 Six Nations?

In a statement of intent heading into the final round of fixtures next weekend, Ireland jumped to the top of the Six Nations table with a bonus point-collecting 50-17 victory over a winless Italy.

Though that result was very much as expected, spread betters could still make money. Buy a Total Points spread of 50-53, and you walked away with 14 times your initial stake ((50 + 17) – 53 = 14).

And with 9 tries total, backing a high Total Tries spread of 7.1-7.6 still make you 1.4 times your opening bet (9 – 7.6 = 1.4).

Making an impact on his international debut, Hugo Keenan got a pair of tries against the Italians, in the 32nd and 35th minutes. That sent his Super Mega Try Minutes make up to 102, against a starting price of 34-38 – in other words, 64 times your original wager ((32 + (35 x 2)) – 38 = 64).

And for those looking for a slightly riskier bet, a Total Try Minutes makeup of 484 meant buying at 310-331 saw you win 153 times your initial bet (484 – 331 = 153).

Ireland are now the only country whose Six Nations fate is entirely in their own hands. A bonus point win against France next weekend would see them pick up their 2nd title in 3 years. However, a big victory for England against Italy – more than possible – earlier in the day would put the pressure on the Irish.

How many times have France beaten Wales?

In their 100th international meeting, France picked up their 46th ever victory over Wales, winning 38-21.

That scoreline meant buying a France/Wales Points Supremacy spread of 3-6 saw you win 11 times your opening stake.

A double for Antoine Dupoint, meanwhile, saw his SMM spread hit 99. Back him at a starting spread of 11-14, and that’s 85 times your initial bet ((31 + (34 x 2) – 14 = 85).

Can France win the 2020 Six Nations? For them to do so – it’d be their first title in a decade – they would need to beat Ireland by a greater margin than England beat Italy.

How many times have Exeter won the Premiership?

A cagier final than forecast, Exeter Chiefs secured a domestic and European double as they won their 2nd ever Premiership title.

Their 19-13 win over their opponents meant you needed to sell an Exeter/Wasps Points Supremacy spread of 9-12 to make 3 times your initial stake (9 – (19 – 13) = 3).

Selling was the trend for the entire final. Sell a Total Points spread of 39-42, and you won 7 times your opening bet (39 – (19 + 13) = 7).

And with only 2 tries, from no. 13 Henry Slade and no. 10 Jacob Umaga, a Tryscorers Shirts makeup of 23 meant selling a starting spread of 47-51 left you with 24 times your original wager (47 – (13 + 10) = 24).