Rugby World Cup reportedly set to be awarded to England with next three hosts confirmed - Ruck

Rugby World Cup reportedly set to be awarded to England with next three hosts confirmed

World Rugby are currently meeting in Dublin to discuss the possibility of a new “World” competition for international teams.

According to early drafts, it will be a two-tier competition, with both divisions having 12 teams. Teams will then face each other once throughout the year, and the season will end with a Grand Finale to determine the best team.

The reports states that a 12-team top division would likely start in 2026. It would consist of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy from the Six Nations, as well as southern hemisphere outfits South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Fiji and Japan.

Reports suggest that it will be held in “even years”, in order to avoid clashing with the World Cup and Lions Tour.

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They are also expected to rubber-stamp the hosts of four Rugby World Cups at a two-day meeting beginning tomorrow.

Australia is due to be the main beneficiary having already been declared as the preferred candidate for the men’s Rugby World Cup in 2027 and the women’s event in 2029.

Hosts for World Rugby’s flagship events for the next decade are anticipated to be Australia, England and the United States.

England, having staged the women’s event in 2010, is the preferred candidate to host it again in 2025 with the US is expected to be awarded the men’s 2031 edition.


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