15 greatest moments from the 2003 Rugby World Cup - in pictures

15 greatest moments from the 2003 Rugby World Cup – in pictures

The 2003 Rugby World Cup was the fifth Rugby World Cup and was won by England.

Originally planned to be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, all games were shifted to Australia following a contractual dispute over ground signage rights between the New Zealand Rugby Union and Rugby World Cup Limited.

Here are the 15 best moments from a very memorable World Cup:

15. Wales threaten pool-stage upset against New Zealand

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The All Blacks, were ever, overwhelming favourites but they were given a might fright by Wales. The Welsh were magnificent as they took a 37-33 lead early in the second half, with Colin Charvis (pictured) scoring one of the tries. It didn’t last long with New Zealand eventually winning 53-37, but it was fun while it lasted

 14. Australia score 22 tries against Namibia

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There has never been a bigger margin of victory than this. Chris Latham ran in five tries in this pool game in Adelaide and his team-mates racked up another 17 between them. Namimbia offered nothing in response.

13. Brian O’Driscoll tackles George Smith by the dreadlocks

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More noted for rugby brilliance, the Ireland legend took an innovative approach to dealing with George Smith after the Australian had handed him off. O’Driscoll grabbed Smith’s dreadlocks and pulled him to the floor with him.