Rugby's Christmas cracker jokes - Ruck

Rugby’s Christmas cracker jokes

As you prepare to groan at the jokes in your Christmas crackers, we have selected our rugby-themed favourites.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without crackers. Just think, no paper hat to make you look like a numpty, no tape measure or plastic ring to keep you amused for all of 30 seconds and no side-splitting jokes.

If you’ve heard ‘What goes Zzub Zzub?’ and ‘What’s yellow and dangerous?’ * once, you’ve heard them a million times, so we thought it would be nice to shake things up with a few gags aimed specifically at rugby fans.

So without further ado, here are our nine jokes…

1. Why didn’t the bicycle play rugby?… It was two tired.
2. What happens to a rugby player when his eyesight starts to fail? He becomes a referee.
3. I met this really saucy girl last night. “Humiliate me,” she said – so I bought her a Leicester Tigers shirt.