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“S*** Richie McCaw” – Nigel Owens names rugby’s top five biggest trash talkers

Hate it or love it, trash talk is an unavoidable part of rugby, and all sports in general.

Trash talk is a part of rugby that is certainly polarizing. Some love the competitive spirit (as long as it doesn’t cross a line) and some see it as disrespectful regardless of how playful it is. Regardless, the skill of getting under a player’s skin and affecting how they play is just another part of the game to some players.

Whether your trash talk is done through playing style, on-field intimidation, or off-field comments, the main goal is to gain a psychological edge on your opponents.

This list is formed from a number of interviews with popular referee Nigel Owens and features current and ex-Rugby players.

#1. Peter O’Mahony

From his legendary outburst at England prop Kyle Sinckler to his more recent verbal assasination of All Blacks captain Sam Cane, the Ireland flanker is one of the games premier sh**talkers. Just on Saturday he was caught on the referee’s microphone saying to Cane: “Who do you think you are? You’re a shit Richie McCaw pal.”

Nigel Owens said: “I’m not saying Peter O’Mahony is a dirty player one bit but he certainly has a bit of history. I remember seeing him square up to Sinckler and thinking I’m glad I haven’t ran into him in a dark alley. You can hear his loud voice bellow from a mile away.”