Saracens star admits he’s seeing a speech therapist to stop his excessive swearing

Liam Williams has revealed he’s sought out a therapist to help curb his speech impediment and excessive swearing.

The 43-times capped Wales international said: “I swear a lot.

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“That’s why I don’t do much TV work. If I know in my head that I’m going to stop speaking I’ll swear. I’m learning not to swear as much.

“With the stammer, I used to take myself out of groups.

“If the lads were stood around talking, I’d edge away, thinking ‘I’m a bit uncomfortable talking in a big group’.

“I want to improve myself so I’ve been to see a speech therapist.

“The therapist has a speech impediment himself but learnt to overcome it.

“He recorded me speaking and he’s going to come back with a series of recommendations and map out the way forward. The aim is to do more TV work. It pays well after all.”

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