Sean O'Brien's heartwarming gesture to nurses on the frontline - Ruck

Sean O’Brien’s heartwarming gesture to nurses on the frontline

Ireland legnd Sean O’Brien has become the latest rugby player to give accommodation for free to medics on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus. 

Taking to Instagram to show appreciation for O’Brien, who moved from Ireland to England this season following a long career at Leinster, nurse Lydia Caslin wrote: “Just want to give Sean O’Brien a huge shoutout for loaning is his house rent-free during this pandemic. 

“We are staff nurses working together in Dublin. Alannah had to leave her rented accommodation due to working on the front line and I have moved out of my own home for the safety of a family member being immunocompromised.

“It’s people like Sean we need during this crisis. His kindness and generosity have blown us away. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel, friends.”

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