The secret fitness weapon used by international Rugby players

The secret fitness weapon used by international Rugby players

  • The key to the functional fitness of the top rugby stars is ‘suspension training’ and ‘neck strengthening’
  • FKPro has now been invited by the International Olympic committee for their world conference
  • Suspension training allows players to perform 300-400 different exercises using a single piece of kit
They might not look as impressive as most items of gym equipment but the FKPro Suspended Body Weight Training Strap Set has been producing impressive results for years and now they’ve been invited by the International Olympic committee for their world conference.

The FKPro (gym in a bag) is a two strap suspended bodyweight system and an exercise philosophy developed by world leading professionals. It’s a new way of life for your body – giving you a more robust neck as well as a strengthened core.

Despite this deceptively simple appearance, suspension training allows athletes to perform 300-400 different exercises using a single piece of kit.

FKPro are also the official supplier to the English Institute of Sport, who look after Team GB’s outstanding Olympic athletes.


Nevertheless, their research has now led to them being invited by the International Olympic Committee to their conference on the Prevention of Injury & Illness in sport, which will be the premier international gathering for those interested in clinical aspects of sports and exercise medicine.

Pete Faulkner, who launched the FKPro strap with his business partner Mark Hammond, says: “FKPro enables people to use their own body and their own body weight with exercises designed to translate directly to ‘real life’ activities – sporting or everyday movement.

“We have to pinch ourselves sometimes at how far we’ve come in the last few years. We wanted to develop a system that could be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime and I think we’ve managed to do that.

“Getting into the Olympic committee world conference is the next big step for us as we look to help as many athletes across the globe as we can.

Faulkner added: “The research done by Dr. Bianca Zietsman, Prof Peter McCarthy and their team has helped us to develop and improve our product considerably in the last few years, helping prevent neck injuries through pre-habilitative exercises and education.

“They can be used side by side by anyone, of any age and ability, whether that’s a child, an older user or even an athlete.”


And Faulkner, who has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years, revealed why some people can’t replicate their gym strength on the rugby field.

“You’ll notice that some people are extremely strong in the gym, but once they get into performance mode, it just doesn’t seem to be there.

“To deliver that strength, you need strong supporting and stabilising muscles, which you can only develop by strengthening the neck, shoulder, knee, ankle joints, which in turn also helps to improve the delivery of your core strength.”

FKPro Rugby Signature Series from FKPro on Vimeo.

Having worked with top players and coaches, such as England internationals Alex Corbisiero, Steffon Armitage and Mike Tindall, FKPro has now put together a programme to help rugby players specifically get the most out of their bodies.

FKPro Rugby Signature Series
– FKPro Two Strap System
– FKPro Neck Harness
– Door attachments
– 90 Page Instruction manual
– FKPro Planner Pad
– 3 hours of DVD content

The FKPro is also used by England Rugby and was also taken on tour by the British & Irish Lions.

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