Sevens teams to PERMANENTLY combine as Great Britain

Sevens teams to PERMANENTLY combine as Great Britain

Sky Sports are reporting that the Sevens teams of England, Scotland and Wales are set to permanently combine as Great Britain, Sky Sources have revealed.

Information has been leaked to SKY which suggests the changes are being made as a result of Sevens’ involvement in the Olympics, where the men won Silver in 2016.


Under current rules, the teams who finish in the top four of the Series two years ahead of the Olympics are given automatic qualification into the Games, with Team GB allowed to nominate a country to represent their qualification bid.

It has been reported that nations have voiced their disapproval of the system which allows essentially three opportunities for Team GB to qualify for the games.

The changes are reportedly part of a raft of adjustments by World Rugby, who are looking to shake up the Sevens series to increase its popularity.

The three nations would still break away for the Sevens World Cup and the Commonwealth Games, it is understood.

More to follow.
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