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“Shocking Incident” – Rugby Player Stabbed On the Pitch in South Africa by Spectator

A rugby player in South Africa was reportedly stabbed whilst on the pitch, after an attack from a spectator. The incident was reported to have happened at half-time, during the League A match between Never Despair and Porterville.

A report from News24 states how the incident took place during the club rugby match at the Alfa Street stadium in Malmesbury, in South Africa’s Boland region. The alleged attacker was pursued by players and detained, before being taken in by the police. Thankfully, the injured rugby player was discharged from hospital yesterday.

The full Boland Rugby Union statement says: “The Boland Rugby Union mourns the shocking incident during a League A match between Never Despair and Porterville at the Alfa street stadium in Malmesbury where a player from the home club (Never Despair) was stabbed with a knife on the field during the half-time break.

“The union immediately reached out to the Never Despair rugby community to assist in any way possible. The chairman of Never Despair chased after the culprit, and with the help of players, the person was detained and handed over to SAPS.


“The vice-chairman of the club, Mr James Davids, a paramedic, attended to the wounded player until he was taken to hospital by ambulance. The player was discharged from hospital (on Sunday).

“After a discussion between management of the two clubs and match officials, the match was called off because the referees were too traumatised to go ahead.

“Randall Swarts, the chairman of the visiting club, confirmed to Boland Rugby that his club was satisfied that the host club’s safety procedures were in order, with security visible. The traumatic events, even though isolated, are viewed in a very serious light by the union. The union immediately discussed the incident with the club in order to obtain a detailed report.”