Simon Zebo blasts 'muppet' Sir Clive Woodward for uninformed opinion - Ruck

Simon Zebo blasts ‘muppet’ Sir Clive Woodward for uninformed opinion

Simon Zebo has rushed to the defence of Racing teammate Finn Russell after Sir Clive Woodward launched a scathing attack on the Scotland fly-half.

Writing in the MailOnline, the 2003 Rugby World Cup winner said:

It crossed a line and if I was Gregor Townsend I would issue a simple statement: if Russell does not apologise he will not play for Scotland while I am coach.

“I wish the SRU would step in first and state that Russell won’t play for Scotland again regardless of who is coach.

“Who does Russell think he is? As a fly-half he has great talent but is wildly inconsistent and has regularly failed to deliver controlled 80-minute, match-winning performances. He disappoints as much as he excites.


“Russell needs to show a little humility. The Scotland rugby team have been playing for 149 years and his part in that history is very small indeed.”

But Zebo has rubbished the article, saying: “Every muppet has an opinion on things they don’t know about these days ,”

One thing we know is that a solution between Russell and Townsend seems a long way off.