Sir Clive Woodward demands major rule change, most fans agree with him - Ruck

Sir Clive Woodward demands major rule change, most fans agree with him

Former England boss Sir Clive Woodward emphatically reinforced his call for a rule change that could elevate the International rugby to new heights.

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The former England coach, who recently quit ITV’s Six Nations coverage, advocates for ditching the rule the RFU Have regarding overseas players, arguing that it hampers Borthwick’s ability to assemble the strongest squad without constraints.

Expressing concern over the potential dampening of excitement in this year’s Six Nations, Woodward contends that the absence of key players could detract from the tournament’s previous thrill.

“England can’t select the likes of Henry Arundell and Jack Willis because they are employed by French clubs,” Woodward wrote in the Daily Mail.

“The same will be true of Farrell next season. I maintain that England should ditch the foreign ruling.

“The Six Nations is arguably the No 1 rugby tournament. You could make a case for it being as big, or bigger, than the World Cup because of its unrivalled history.

“While I hope I’m proved wrong and that we see brilliant matches and great entertainment, I’m not sure we can say ahead of this year’s competition that it will be the pinnacle of the game.”

However, there are no plans to change England’s eligibility rules, says Rugby Football Union chief executive Bill Sweeney.

Sweeney said departing players have had conversations with head coach Steve Borthwick and “partly a lifestyle choice” was their reason for leaving.

“If you look at the number of players going abroad, it doesn’t really impact our core group,” Sweeney said.

“Where we currently stand on the policy of only selecting players based in England stays as it is.”

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