Sir Clive Woodward predicts his Six Nations winner - Ruck

Sir Clive Woodward predicts his Six Nations winner

Sir Clive Woodward has reavealed why he’s England for the coming Six Nations title and Wales to finish third behind 2018 Grand Slam champions Ireland.

In his column for the Mail Online, Woodward said: “If England get the mindset right and play an attacking style, there is no reason why they can’t win (the Six Nations).

“That is how big the opener is.

“There is lots of pressure on this Irish team because the expectations are so high and they have a history of underwhelming World Cups.

“I am really excited for Ireland this year because they have an opportunity of a lifetime. 


“It’s one that if they manage to take, they will never forget. They can do it. But they know that if they don’t manage to achieve it, then they will be looking in the mirror forever.

“That is why sport is so good.”