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Sir Clive Woodward reveals the most talented player he ever encountered

World Cup-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward has named Gareth Edwards as the greatest rugby player he’s ever encountered.

“The greatest talent I played against was Gareth Edwards,” revealed Woodward in his Q&A with the Mail Online.

“He was in his last season and I was in my first. His talent was undiminished and he had a great aura. His banter with his old Lions mate Bob Hiller was also priceless. As a coach, it is Jason Robinson. 

“He was a game-changer for England. I witnessed players of the calibre of Martin Johnson, Dallaglio, Hill and Jonny Wilkinson instantly raise their levels in training and games because they wanted to match Jason’s talent and professionalism. Jason was also amazing to coach. 

“He was a sponge and soaked up every single rugby union skill. By the end he was probably the best kicker out of hand we had, he laid the ball back at rucks perfectly and his tackle technique was perfect. What a player.”

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Great Rugby Union Insults. We’ve collected some of the bets rugby insults ever.

1. Who are you?

A young player was making his Premiership debut at scrum-half. He was playing against Andy Gomersall. He tried to be funny at the first scrum and said to Gomersall “don’t hurt your back putting the ball in, old man”. He retorted “I would give you some abuse, but I have no idea who the f@*k you are!”


2. Brutal Austin

Harry Ellis had taken Austin Healey’s position at scrum-half in 2001 – and Healey had dropped to the bench. In the changing rooms before the game, the experienced Healey came over to Ellis and asked how he was feeling ahead of his debut in front of 15,000 at Welford Road  – Ellis replied ‘I’m really, really nervous about it mate – absolutely bricking myself!’, to which Healey told him ‘Yeah, well you should be nervous – because you’re f*cking sh*t!’