Sir Clive Woodward: Warren Gatland has got it wrong

The All Blacks have no case to answer over Conor Murray and the Lions should move on quickly insisted Sir Clive Woodward.

“Warren Gatland has had a really good tour but he’s got it wrong over this Conor Murray ‘row’,” wrote Woodward for the Mail Online.

“There is no case to answer and the Lions should move on quickly because there are much more pressing matters this week.”

“Watching the game I saw nothing untoward. I don’t recall Murray reacting to any of the challenges – and none of the fans around me mentioned anything.”

“After the match there was no sense of controversy from former players or coaches that I spoke with – on either side of the fence.”


“The idea of some alleged pre-meditated attempt to injure Murray had not registered until those comments by Gatland. I saw no injury, no offence and no hint of a citing.”

“Murray is an extremely good box-kicker, even if he overplayed his hand on Saturday, possibly under orders. When he shapes for a kick everybody has a good idea of what is coming and no team is just going to let that happen unchallenged.”

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