Six Nations: Georgia Wants to Join World’s Elite

Six Nations: Georgia Wants to Join World’s Elite

Prior to Georgia’s first meeting with Wales this Saturday, coach Milton Haig expressed hope for gaining a victory that could mean a place in the Six Nations. 

“The Six Nations is what we need,” He said at a conference this week in Tbilisi.

This idea would have been laughed at a few years ago, but, now in 12th place in the World Rugby rank table, they are a place ahead of Italy.

“We have talked about it for three years, it is what we need to improve our game.”

After an impressive 54-22 victory over Canada in their match last Saturday, Georgia hopes to earn a place in the top of the table among teams like England and New Zealand.

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Haig believes Georgia are “going the right way” to securing a place in the competition.

“We would love the opportunity. But we understand we need to keep putting runs on the board to gain that credibility.”

“But also, geographically, it is the place we naturally fit. So we are just hoping we get that opportunity one day, and I know the new CEO of the RFU [Steve Brown] has said they want to be open-minded, which is absolutely fantastic.”

“I am not sure on the logistics, it depends on the six partners already involved, but you could imagine it would be part of an expansion to the Six Nations, rather than promotion and relegation.”

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