South African media slam Dan Biggar for disgraceful 'diving' - Ruck

South African media slam Dan Biggar for disgraceful ‘diving’

The South African media have blasted Dan Biggar, saying the Welshman deserves Oscar for ‘sniper’ fall during the fierce second test of the Lions series against South Africa.

Mike Greenaway of IOL wrote: “During the fracas that raged after the Cheslin Kolbe aerial collision, Biggar suddenly flung himself to the ground as if shot by a sniper from the empty stands, without a Bok in touching distance,”



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As per Scrum Recap, these are the games top five slyest of hounds.

5. Stuart Hogg (Scotland)

What they said: “He often overdoes the theatricality to the extent that not even the officials will give him a second look. Look back to the South Africa vs Scotland game a couple years back when he flung himself into the ‘Beast’ just to be laughed off by players and fans around him.”

Our verdict: Nobody will forget that infamous telling off he got from Nigel Owens. He didn’t even come close to getting away with it.

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