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STATEMENT: World Rugby confirm change to anthems

On Wednesday, Jacques Rivoal, the Chairman of France 2023, along with Julien Collette, the CEO of France 2023, officially announced the forthcoming release of updated versions of the national anthems to be used in the upcoming rounds of the World Cup matches.

Rivoal emphasised that these revised anthems will be crafted to better align with expectations and will be subjected to teams’ feedback for further refinement.

The youth choirs will also sing these reworked versions.

“Feedback from the unions we consulted was positive,” France 2023 CEO Julien Collette said.

“This retains the voices of the children. Children will be present in the stadium. All the unions choose the recorded version in conjunction with the fans and teams. We believe it is very important that the children and their supervisors receive a very warm welcome in the stadiums.”

He added: “The anthems were tested, and each version signed off in advance by the unions.

“The effect of the chorus, combined with 80,000 fans in the Stade de France on Friday, created a bit of confusion in the experience, so that led to us taking the decision to use a version more in sync with the fans, without having the effect of juxtaposing the voices.”



TV has decided to eliminate the use of lecterns for their World Cup pundits, responding to criticism about the visual appeal of these props.

Previously, pundits were positioned behind lecterns, a setup that had drawn comparisons to a general election debate according to fans. Following public outcry and feedback from Twitter users, ITV has opted to do away with the lecterns.



20. Phillipe Saint-Andre (France) – A dynamic winger turned coach, Saint-Andre’s speed and flair graced French rugby. His coaching prowess took him from player to national team leader, shaping the future of French rugby.

19. Lawrence Dallaglio (England) – A fearless back-row giant, Dallaglio captained England to Rugby World Cup glory in 2003. His powerful runs and tireless work ethic defined English rugby.

18. Sergio Parisse (Italy) – Italy’s rugby icon, Parisse’s leadership and skill at number 8 made him a legend. His dedication elevated Italian rugby on the world stage.

17. John Dawes (Wales) – A Welsh rugby hero, Dawes captained the British and Irish Lions to a historic series win against New Zealand in 1971, showcasing his tactical brilliance.

16. Will Carling (England) – Carling’s charisma and leadership made him an iconic England captain. His center partnership with Jeremy Guscott was legendary.