Stuart Hogg fires back at haters with new 'three-word tattoo' following arrest - Ruck

Stuart Hogg fires back at haters with new ‘three-word tattoo’ following arrest

Former Scotland fullback Stuart Hogg has made a bold statement to his detractors through a succinct three-word tattoo.

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The athlete has recently faced unwelcome attention in the media. Reports from the BBC reveal that Hogg was apprehended and charged following an incident in his hometown of Hawick at the onset of March.

Authorities from Police Scotland responded to a call at a residence in Hogg’s hometown around 4:40 pm on Sunday, February 25.

The 31-year-old was subsequently detained and charged, later being released with the condition to appear at Jedburgh Sheriff Court on a later date.

Hogg, who now engages in occasional punditry duties for TNT Sport, underwent a public separation from his wife Gillian last year, just before the arrival of their fourth child.

He then publicly acknowledged his relationship with jockey and Sky Sports presenter Leonna Mayor.

Having four children with Gillian, reports from The Sun indicate that Hogg had resisted vacating the family residence following their separation, while his then-pregnant former partner relocated with their three children to her parents’ home.

Amidst the deluge of criticism directed towards him, Hogg took to his Instagram platform to share a snapshot of his new tattoo bearing the words “just be you” as a response.

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Footage of the incident shows all hell breaking loose when Farrell barged his way past a number of Scotland players to confront Wilson, who had been attempting to get inside the head of George Ford.

Remembering the incident, Marler said: “It’s become an incredibly hostile rivalry (England and Scotland) and I love it. The niggle goes back to the night in 2018 when Ryan Wilson picked on George Ford in the tunnel.

“Unfortunately, I was plodding back with a belly full of cheese toastie so I was nowhere near to intervene when Wilson started dishing it out in his thick Scottish-Surrey accent.”

Wilson later revealed he was banned from Twickenham following the incident.

“I remember that game, I was actually injured and after tunnel-gate, after everything that happened in the tunnel against England, I’d lined up a corporate gig at Twickenham,” he recalled to Rugby Pass in November.

“Had it all lined up, a little bit of cash, all excited, only to get a message back saying the RFU have banned you from Twickenham Stadium after everything that happened the year before.”