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Stuart Hogg heckled by rugby fans after leaving wife for ‘world’s sexiest jockey’

Stuart Hogg, the former Scotland rugby star, has broken his silence following the exposure of his newfound romance with Leonna Mayor, dubbed ‘the world’s sexiest jockey’.

The 31-year-old athlete has been spotted on romantic outings with the 32-year-old jockey-turned-presenter, Leonna Mayor, even though his wife recently gave birth to their fourth child just 11 days ago.

Hogg, who is believed to have parted ways with his wife Gillian after seven years of marriage, found himself in the midst of public attention after reports emerged of his involvement with Mayor, especially considering the recent birth of their daughter, Phoebe Anne, on November 7.

Despite the personal turmoil, Hogg demonstrated resilience as he operated as a pundit for TNT during Leicester Tigers 26-17 victory over Northampton Saints in the East Midlands derby.

Reports suggested that the former Scotland captain faced heckling from some fans, but he maintained his composure, focusing on his work throughout the match.

Hogg has left his wife and four kids for ex-jockey Leonna MayorCredit: Leonna Mayor

Hogg said in an Instagram post: “Leicester Tigers against Northampton Saints. One of the biggest club fixtures in history. Huge weekend of rugby live on TNT Sports.

However, the fullbacks place I the headlines also let to some stinging criticism online.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Now switching off because #StuartHogg is on the screen. I’ll tune in again when he’s gone for good, & not before.”

Another commented: “Why is Stuart Hogg commentating today? Rugby is a family sport, young fans look to players both past and present to be role models. Allowing him to commentate after leaving his wife shortly after giving birth is the exact opposite of a role model. Disgusted.”

A third said: “Stuart Hogg? You have to be joking”

Coming to his defence, one fan commented: “What exactly has Stuart Hogg done wrong? Is divorce/splitting up illegal again?”

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