Stuart Hogg's emotional try celebration against South Africa explained - Ruck

Stuart Hogg’s emotional try celebration against South Africa explained

The gesture these players make when they score signify a variation of different things. Find out just what they mean by reading on below.

1. Stuart Hogg (Scotland)

Hoggy revealed his signature ‘W’ celebration is a tribute to best friend that passed away in April, 2009. The poignant tribute has become iconic whenever the 28-year-old has scored a try at international or club level.

I was involved in a car crash that unfortunately killed my best mate,” said Hogg.

“We were going to party and one of the lads had literally just passed his driving test. I did rock, paper, scissors with the three boys in the car to decide who sits in the front.

“I’m trying to take him I just want to take him on the journey that I live and every time I score a try I do the W for him. My first tattoo was his initials on my ribs too.

“I just want to make him and his family proud and I miss him very much.”