LIST | 16 of the Weirdest Superstitions in Rugby Union

LIST | 16 Weirdest Superstitions in Rugby

13. Consistent shirt

Before each game, Jonny Wilkinson would always wear the same T-shirt under his shirt by means of a lucky charm. On many occasion it could be said to have paid off for the Surrey-born national treasure. As well as keeping his T-shirt as consistent as his ever reliable kicks, the former England number 10 would never wear his match shirt during the warm up.

14. Timely strapping

Jason Robinson was said to have a special order for applying strapping and at a certain time prior to a game. On top of this, and unlike many other players, Robinson was also keen to leave the tunnel first as part of his routine.

15. The very even routine of Stefan Ratchford

Warrington rugby league player Stefan Ratchford can be said to be a man of precise routine. The full-back gets up at the same time of day on matchday, gets dressed in the same predetermined order, eats the same food at the same time and does everything in even numbers. 

16. The correct socks 

Whether or not that little bit of extra padding around the big toe really makes a difference – or whether it’s more to do with making sure the logo is displayed to maximum effect; either way, foot specific socks are now in many-a-player’s kit bag.

With this comes another thing to get superstitious about. For instance, when the All Blacks were routed by England in 2012, Brodie Ritallick vowed never again to get left and right mixed up.

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