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The 10 fastest rugby players of all-time revealed

Speed is an important factor in all sports, and things are no different in Rugby Union.

There have been a lot of fast players to play the game, and some of them have even been the best players in the game.

A race, or set of races, would definitely be the easiest way to settle the debate about the fastest players, but that will never happen for a number of reasons—one being that some players on this list are retired.

In any case, we will try and sort out who are some of the fastest players to have played the game. Here they are. Enjoy.

Fastest rugby players of all-time

10. ADAM RADWAN – England – 10.72 SECONDS (100M)

He has been clocked at an astonishing maximum speed of 11.2 metres per seconds.

9. JONAH LOMU – NZ – 10.70 SECONDS (100M)

Will Carling famously labelled Lomu a ‘freak’ after his four-try show in 1995, and for a man of such bulkk, it’s remarkable he was clocked at 10.7 sec 100m time. Lomu could ‘gas’ opponents as much as steamroller them and his first of two tries against France in the 1999 World Cup semi, and many of his Counties Manukau scores showed he had more than enough top-end pace for a wide-man.

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