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RANKED | The 20 toughest rugby players of all-time

6. Colin Meads (New Zealand)

A legendary enforcer who played on despite picking up a broken arm during a game. Aside from being one of the very best locks the game will ever see, he was a gargantuan, inspirational figure that implored those around him to raise their games.

5. Michel Palmie (France)

Palmie’s sad clown face and enormous broken nose gave him the air of a club-house character rather than a rugby player, but he was one of the most callous and nasty players of a tough and dirty era.

4. Bobby Windsor (Wales)

This here was one of the absolute hardest bastards to ever lace up boots. Bobby Windsor, known affectionately as “The Iron Duke,” was one tough sonuva. The Pontypool, Wales, and Lions legend gave everything he had for the cause, and much more, to boot.


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