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“The best atmosphere” – Jonny Wilkinson picks top three stadiums he played in

Jonny Wilkinson has picked out the three stadiums he played in that produced the best atmosphere, and surprisingly left out his beloved Kingston Park.

The Premiership legend played for Newcastle Falcons from 1997-09, scoring 2,049 goals for his first professional club.

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However, the home of the Falcons didn’t make Wilkinson’s top three in terms of atmosphere.

See which four stadiums he selected below during a Q&A back in 2017.

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#3. Stade de France (France)

Perhaps not the best situated stadium, but it sure has a great view. It’s atmosphere can be a help and a hindrance for Les Bleus.

When France are on the front foot, it can generate a great atmosphere but it can also inspire the opposition when they’re not.

Wilkinson said: “‘Whenever I played there on every occasion, the atmosphere was fantastic.”

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