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The eight Best Rugby Number 8’s In History, Ranked​

In our selection of the all-time top five number 8’s, we have considered various statistics to assess their rankings and overall impact on the game.

The number eight position, as the controlling force behind the scrum, holds a pivotal role, completing the pack and excelling in strength and ball-winning abilities, combining the power of forwards with the agility of backs.

Typically tall, athletic, and immensely strong, these players possess the ideal attributes to dominate the game, securing crucial possession and contributing significantly to their teams’ success.

Now, let’s take a look at the full top five list below:

5 Best Number 8’s Of All Time

#8. Taulupe Faletau (Wales)

Across his career, Taulupe Faletau has firmly established himself as one of the finest number eights in world rugby and will go down as one of Wales’ best ever players.

A three-times British and Irish Lions tourist, Faletau has played his part in three Six Nations title victories as he fast approaches a century of Test appearances.

#7. Wayne Shelford (New Zealand)

Few players can rival the former New Zealand No. 8 and captain, Wayne Shelford, when it comes to sheer aggression and an unwavering determination to win.

At the heart of the All Blacks pack during the inaugural World Cup, fondly remembered as “Buck” Shelford, he led the team to overpower all opponents, leaving no genuine challengers for New Zealand in that historic tournament.

Serving as the skipper for three years, Shelford guided the All Blacks to an impressive record, winning all matches except for one draw with Australia.