The 'next Jason Robinson' confirms he's eligible for England - Ruck

The ‘next Jason Robinson’ confirms he’s eligible for England

Eddie Jones is reportedly trying to convince rugby league superstar Regan Grace to play for England after he revealed he’s eligible.

Grace’s contract at St Helens runs out in November next year, with Wales already readying a bit to bring him home for the 2023 World Cup. 

However, Jones could see him as offering the potential to be a latter-day Jason ‘Billy Whizz’ Robinson.

Asked about his dual eligibility by The Rugby Paper, Grace revealed: “My dad (Leroy) is from Birmingham. I am aware that would make me eligible for England but it’s something I haven’t thought about.

“I’m happy where I am, playing for a great club. Until Saints came along, I thought I’d missed the chance of playing professional rugby.

“As a kid, Jonah Lomu was my big hero, then Shane Williams and Jason Robinson.”


10 things you didn’t know about Jason Robinson

1. Nickname 

Robinson is nicknamed ‘Billy Whizz‘ after a character in the British comic The Beano, who is an extremely fast runner. 

2. Short time at Bath

In 1996, rugby union had gone open, allowing professional players for the first time, and rugby league changed from a winter sport to a summer sport, so a number of league players chose to play part of a season for a rugby union club. Robinson played for Bath, scoring 4 points in 13 outings..

3. International

He scored 30 tries in 56 international matches, including a try in the 2003 World Cup Final against Australia. He played in all seven of England’s World Cup games in 2003.