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The Popularity of Rugby In Switzerland: A Betting Analysis

It might be known to many as a minor athletic event, but Rugby is a growing sport in Switzerland. Not only has this sport been a major source of entertainment for fans, but it has also worked its way into the hearts of bettors. To the Swiss, it might be a low-profile sport, but it has a huge potential to entertain and be a good addition to your sports betting portfolio. 

In short, all these feats can be credited to engaging performances and dedicated movements that the sport brings on. Nowadays, it is even easier to join the big players at Bet365 Switzerland and participate in some of the liveliest Rugby events in the world. 

There is no reason for lovers of the sport to miss out: But, if you have your doubts, continue reading this article as we dive into the dazzling world of rugby in Switzerland. 

History and Growth of Rugby In Switzerland

Rugby with the Swiss can be dated to almost two centuries ago. The earliest period of engagement was in the 1860s. In detail, the region held its first main match in 1869 but did not continue well as a lot of uproars played a part. Most notably, the World Wars worked against the promotion of rugby at that time. 

Down the line, it was clear that expatriates rejuvenated Rugby back to Switzerland by keeping themselves active during challenging periods. A little bit forward to the 1970s, and the thrills of the game were starting to get noticed. From this period to the 1980s, Ruby began to gain attention from the natives of Switzerland, but with an unorganised approach. 

Swiss Rugby Culture and Fan Engagement

Following the establishment of The Swiss Rugby Federation in 1972, a new dawn was strategized. Accolades to the ex-patriates and tax exiles that forced this sport into becoming a prominent one. However, there was only a minor improvement in promotion and participation until the Swiss Rugby organisation joined the International Rugby Football Board (IRFB) in 1988. 

At this point, major steps were now taken and Rugby became a little more prominent for the people in the country. A recognizable period during this time was when a Basel team made a record-breaking feat by losing to several French clubs during a tour in France. Fans may have been discouraged, but the help of dedicated journalists and ex-patriates pushed everyone to continue supporting the sport. 

At the moment, Swiss rugby has sporulated to the extent of having over 30 clubs with 5,000 trained professionals in the field. Nonetheless, a large group of participants in this sport only do this for the benefit of fitness and fun. And as for professional rugby, there is still limited participation, but enough options for punters who want the extra thrills. 

Major Rugby Events and Betting Trends for Swiss Players

Some of the major rugby events are not necessarily a Swiss competition. Due to the limited professional participation, there are not so many pro rugby matches in Switzerland. However, there are a good number of sports leagues, events, and competitions with lots of potential for Swiss players who like to place real money bets. 

Not to mention, notable international competitions like World Cup Matches or The Six Nations Championship are more recognized. In fact, these matches are some of the most recognized as they combine a list of elite rugby nations and allow them to compete for a prize. 

Punters on the internet, especially the Swiss, get to predict winners and match outcomes, standing a chance to win real money from these predictions.

Some of the notable Rugby Competitions available on the betting market in Switzerland include: 

  • Six Nations Championship
  • Rugby World Cup
  • World Cup Sevens
  • European Champions Cup

Expert Strategies and Advice for Rugby Betting In Switzerland

If you wish to embark on a betting journey in rugby, you need to consider several things. As with other sports competitions, teams and players can defy the reality of odds and shock fans with extraordinary performances. Here are a few expert strategies and advice you can follow to bet on Rugby: 

  • Learn and understand the different playing styles of rugby and how they work. 
  • Research well on players and teams before placing wagers.
  • Stay away from betting on ultra favourites.
  • Check head-to-head match results. 
  • Regularly review event rules and formats for Rugby competitions. 
  • Stick to a good bankroll management strategy. 

Wrap Up

Rugby in Switzerland has stood the test of time to become a growing and intriguing sport of entertainment for the people. It may not have the right amount of rugby events and competitions to wager on, but there are lots more on the internet. Just find the right sports bookmaker and start placing bets on the liveliest rugby matches.