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The punishment you could face for using Amazon Fire Sticks to illegally stream rugby union

With the escalating costs of accessing rugby matches on platforms like Prime Video, Sky Sports, and TNT Sports, individuals are seeking alternative means to stream rugby union games.

An increasingly popular method involves using Amazon Fire Stick to illegally broadcast sports events across the nation.

However, a stern warning has been issued to those utilizing these devices for watching rugby matches. The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT UK) is cracking down on the unauthorized streaming of live sports through these sticks, citing a breach of copyright law.

A spokesperson for FACT UK emphasized their continuous efforts to monitor the digital landscape and combat illegal streaming activities in the UK and Ireland.

Through various methods, including a partnership with Crimestoppers, they aim to identify individuals involved in unauthorized businesses that provide access to illegal streams. Over the past year, there has been a notable surge in reports directly linked to Fire Sticks and illegal streaming.

According to the Fraud Act of 2006, watching TV or streaming services without paying the required fee is deemed illegal. Section 11 of the act covers ‘obtaining services dishonestly,’ encompassing the act of knowingly accessing services based on the expectation of payment and avoiding or intending to avoid payment, whether in full or in part.

Consequently, individuals found in violation of these rules could potentially face imprisonment. A summary conviction might lead to a sentence of up to 12 months, while more serious offenses could carry a maximum penalty of five years behind bars. The message is clear: the consequences for engaging in illegal streaming practices could be severe, with legal authorities taking a firm stance against such activities.


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