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The Top 5 Rugby Conspiracy Theories

2. South African chefs

New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team were poisoned just 24 hours before the sensational 1995 Rugby World Cup final which saw outsiders South Africa claim the title, a bodyguard to former president Nelson Mandela has claimed. 

Rory Steyn, Mr Mandela’s head of security during his time in office who the president appointed to ensure the security of the mighty New Zealand national team, said he believed betting syndicates were responsible. 

There have been numerous theories for their collective sickness and one of the most popular is that “Suzie the waitress” poisoned their water in the week leading up to the final game. Others say it was milk. “Suzie” is now widely considered to be fictional but the story of food poisoning is true and any consider it to be conspiratorial in nature.

Is it true? Certainly has legs