The video Ben Youngs will not want to see has split opinion of fans - Ruck

The video Ben Youngs will not want to see has split opinion of fans

Popular video creator Andrew Forde has created a compilation of passes from Ben Youngs that waywardly went straight out of play.

He wrote on twitter: “If I had a £1 for every time Ben Youngs has passed the ball into touch, I would only have £4 but it’s strange that it’s happened four times,”

Social reaction:

One fan wrote: “Not good enough at international level. I wonder how many times Dupont has done this in his career?”

“He’s been amazing for England, however the time has come for him to hang his international boots up. It’s Mitchell’s time,” comments a second.

However, taking another point of view, RUCK OVER wrote: “Not sure I rate going back through an archive to find a player’s unintentional mistakes… Particularly for Youngs, one of the games good guys, had a shite few years and who gets an unreasonable amount of flack.”

“If a 9 makes 50 passes a game (prob conservative), Youngs has thrown nearly 6,000 in an England. Not his biggest fan and think it’s time for a change, but a showreel to remind people of how good he’s been should be next for balance. Love your vids but this is a cheap shot,” commented another viewer.

A third said: “1 is where he’s getting tackled at the time, 2 are the runners out of position and 1 is a speculator after heading down a blind alley. For a man with a more than 100 caps is not too bad.”

The video:

Ben Youngs facts:

  1. His father Nick Youngs played scrum-half for both Leicester and England
  2. Youngs is married to Charlotte. They have two children, son Boris and daughter Billie
  3. In 2022 he became England men’s most capped player with 115 appearances
  4. He started the 2019 Rugby World Cup Final and toured Australia with the Lions in 2013.
  5. Youngs has been a Premiership Rugby champion five times, winning in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013 and in 2022

Premiership’s highest paid player each season from 1998 to 2022

The Gallagher Premiership is now filled with players who earn astronomical salaries. Year upon year, wages for top players seem to skyrocket.

By how much? We’ve identified the highest-paid Premiership player for every season since the game went professional to find out. 

To do so, we’ve undertook painstaking research to delve into newspaper archives to reveal the reported player wages.

Some seasons had multiple highest earners with players signing contracts at different times throughout the campaign but they’ve used the highest earner at the end of each season.

Got it? Good.

Let’s take a look at the results:

1997-1998: Va’aiga Tuigamala (Newcastle Falcons) – £80,000 per season

Embed from Getty Images

1999-2000: Francois Pienaar (Saracens) – £85,000 per season

Embed from Getty Images

2000-2001: Jason Robinson (Sale Sharks) – £180,000 per season

Embed from Getty Images