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Three reasons you should give Rugby 22 a chance

Finally a game that seems to have been developed with a actual knowledge of the game, we believe Rugby 22 is definitely worth playing.

Developer: EKO Software
Publisher: Nacon Gaming, BIGBEN Interactive
Platform: Playstation 4 & 5 (also available on Xbox One/Series S & X, Microsoft Windows)
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 27th January 2022
Price: Varies on Platform £44.99


What was already good is even better in Rugby 22. It’s a perfect combination of complex and simple. It’s intuitive without feeling dumbed down. I still don’t think converting feels ideal, but this is a noticeable improvement nonetheless.


It still suffers from an overall lack of licenses and a baffling career mode, but as a quick, “pick up and play” rugby experience, Rugby 22 hits the spot.


I really enjoyed the soundtrack in Rugby 22, being way better than the one in Rugby 20. Ben Kay on commentary is also very god once again.


Does Rugby 22 kick the ball through those goal posts? Not quite, but almost.

If they can get all of the licences for their planned Rugby World 2023 game, we might have a serious successor to the much loved Rugby 08, which was the last game of the EA series, on our hands.

For now, Rugby 22 is as close to the sport as you can get without getting covered in mud, but it would be very difficult for a casual fan to pick up and play due to very complicated controls.

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