"Time to make the change" - Nigel Owens calls for football to follow rugby - Ruck

“Time to make the change” – Nigel Owens calls for football to follow rugby

Nigel Owens believes soccer (football) must follow his sport’s lead in terms of the levels of respect and the way technology is utilised.

#1. VAR transformed into TMO

“TMO works better than VAR in the way that people know what’s happening,” Owens told William Hill.

“When you put a decision up in rugby, it’s explained and shown why the decision is given or changed so that everyone watching the game in the stadium or at home knows exactly why the try was disallowed because he’s knocked it forward.

“You may not agree but you know why the decision has been made, so it’s better in that context.

“In football, when you’re in the stadium you don’t know why the goal is disallowed. Fans can’t understand it, which is why they get frustrated because they think there’s nothing wrong with the decision, they haven’t seen it again.

“But if they had seen it again and the referee explained why you are offside, whether they agree with it or not, it’s offside. So, the TMO works better in that way.

“But the way it doesn’t work better is it’s used too much in rugby. Football use it much less than we do, though they can definitely use it more effectively like we do, so there’s pros and cons for both.

“Rugby is more understandable and easier to follow the decisions thanks to TMO, but it’s used too much. Football is using it far less than we do, although it’s a far less complex game.”