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“Too many prawn sandwich type” – Six Nations fan bases have been ranked from worst to best

#2. Ireland7.15

They said: “Guinnesses on tap at the home of the black stuff, the hum of Irish music whistling into the spring air from almost every pub and the world famous friendliness of the locals. There’s nothing quite like a ‘cultural’ trip to Dublin on a Six Nations weekend.”

#1. Wales 9.05

They Said: “Topping our list of the best supporters with a mightily impressive score of over 9, are the Welsh. Quite simply, no one does it better. On a Six Nations matchday, eyes up and down the country from rural farmyard to remote rural pubs are fixed on the green, green grass of the national stadiums and the XV men wearing their country’s red with pride. “

Quiz! Can you name every club that has played in the Premiership?

London Welsh were the last new team to play in the Gallagher Premiership back in 2011 – can you name the others?

You have five minutes to name every club to have played in the Gallagher Premiership, all 28 of them, since the division was established back in 1987.

It’s more difficult than it sounds.

Good luck, and let us know how you do