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Catch Your Team in Action at the European Cup Final Without Breaking the Bank with Coup Gagnant!

London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is set to host the highly anticipated 2024 EPCR Finals Weekend on May 24 and 25, promising an unforgettable experience for fans.

Tickets are available from here now!

Enter Coup Gagnant, the brainchild of co-founders Antoine and Mathieu, revolutionizing ticket access for various competitions.

Having made waves with Euroleague basketball, they’re now making strides in rugby as an official partner of the Investec Champions Cup and ECPR Challenge Cup.

Here’s the game-changing part: By supporting your team’s journey, Coup Gagnant ensures you a coveted ticket if they make it to the final showdown. Ticket prices fluctuate based on the team’s likelihood of reaching the pinnacle.

But it’s not just about the game – it’s about making a difference. Every ticket purchased with Coup Gagnant contributes to a noble cause, as a portion of their revenue goes towards supporting a sports charity association.

Join the movement, be a part of the community, and champion the values of sportsmanship with every ticket bought.

Tickets are available from here now!

Example of how the game works:

Investec Champions Cup Example : You purchase a Coup Gagnant ticket and support Saracens to make the final.

  • If Saracens reaches the final of the Investec Champions Cup, you get your ticket(s) for the final.
  • If Saracens finishes 5th in the Investec Champions Cup pool stage, then they will qualify for the EPCR Challenge Cupcompetition. If Saracens qualify for the EPCR Challenge Cupfinal, then you will receive a ticket for the EPCR Challenge Cupfinal. This is only applicable if you subscribed for insurancewhen purchasing your Coup Gagnant ticket.
  • If Saracens doesn’t reach an EPCR final, then your had fun playing, but won’t go to the final.

All the losing participants will  be offered  a last chance to get 2 tickets for the final in a last draw session. (Information on Tickets page)

Tickets are available from here now!

Need more info, watch this short video: