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“Trouble ahead” – Premiership’s New Rule Poses Challenge for Saracens and Other Clubs

In adherence to the newly established Professional Game Partnership with the Rugby Football Union, Premiership clubs are set to face restrictions on their squad sizes.

As per The Telegraph, the primary proposal under consideration involves capping clubs at a maximum senior squad of 35 players, complemented by an additional 12 players in a ‘transition’ group sourced from their academy.

The recent reduction in the number of teams from 13 to 10 following the loss of London Irish, Worcester, and Wasps eliminates the overlap with regular international windows.

Consequently, this diminishes the necessity for teams to maintain larger squads to navigate potential conflicts between club commitments and international duties.

For example, Saracens, boasting one of the Premiership’s larger squads, currently lists 43 senior men’s players on their website.

Other clubs that would need to make changes include Bath, with a combined total of 73 senior and academy players.

Meanwhile, Harlequins, fielding 47 senior players, may be compelled to make significant adjustments in the upcoming seasons to comply with the impending squad size restrictions.

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