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“Turning point” – 5 disappointing Lions who underachieved on tours

Despite being built up to play starring roles for the British & Irish Lions, sometimes it simply doesn’t work out…

Whether it be a touring ending injury, personal issues or a poor performance, there are a number of reasons why players don’t quite live up to the hype.

Here, RUCK feature writer Jon Henderson ranks his five ‘most disappointing’ Lions from down the years.

5. Will Carling (England) – 1993

The legendary England captain’s career included the 1993 British Lions tour to New Zealand.

He underachieved on that tour, a pattern attributed by coach Ian McGeechan and manager Geoff Cooke as at least partly due to his failing to secure the captaincy (this instead going to Gavin Hastings of Scotland) but also due in large part to the ascendency in the centre of both Jeremy Guscott and Scott Gibbs of Wales.

McGeechan and Cooke disclosed that Carling came close to voluntarily withdrawing from the squad; he did however recover his test place and played a notable role in the third test.

McGeechan commented in his autobiography that Carling’s failure to rise to the occasion as a Lion (in contrast to Guscott) may be seen by some as the difference between his legacy as a good player and a great player.


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