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“Unexpected” – Fans can’t believe England star Joe Marler’s go-to cheat meal

In a recent exclusive interview with Red Bull, England rugby stalwarts Joe Marler and Anthony Watson provided insights into their off-field indulgences.

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Among the revelations, Marler’s choice of cheat snack left fans astounded, while Watson’s sweet tooth also came to light.

Watson, not shy about his fondness for sweets, confessed, ‘Sweets. Anything coated in sugar, count me in.’

However, it was Marler’s unexpected admission that stole the spotlight. The loose-head prop, known for his prowess on the field, shared his love for chocolate raisins, particularly relishing them after grueling training sessions.

‘Chocolate raisins. Ice creams too, especially ice lollies, but chocolate holds a special place,’ Marler revealed.

‘On those high-calorie days, like the 3,500-calorie ones during intense training, I gear up thinking, today’s tough, but it’s also a chocolate raisin day.’

Marler’s surprising revelation left fans intrigued, adding a new dimension to their perception of the rugby star’s off-field preferences.

Four players who’ve been blacklisted by England boss Steve Borthwick

Rumour has it that Head Coach Borthwick has shifted focus from a number of aging stars, who have disclosed their plans for next season.

Zach Mercer

 Mercer, has declared that he’s taking a break from England duty for the time being, expressing his disappointment at being excluded from the upcoming Six Nations Championship squad.

Mercer said: “I’ve been open with Steve, I’ve told him my opinions on it. I thought I haven’t really been given a crack which is what I feel like, to not even be given a game to try and prove myself is tough.

“I just don’t feel like he values what I can offer as a player and that’s me being honest, I don’t think he values what I can bring.

“Obviously I don’t fit into the system that he wants to run and, whether I agree with that or not, it is what it is.

“My focus now is on Gloucester and England can take a step aside for the moment.”

Zach Mercer of Gloucester Rugby on the break during the Gallagher Premiership Rugby match between Gloucester Rugby and Harlequins at Kingsholm Stadium on October 14th, 2023 in Gloucester, England. (Photo by Phil Mingo/PPAUK/Gallagher)

Borthwick response:

“Zach and I had a conversation last week. We’ve had a number of conversations over the last couple of weeks with Zach since he’s come back from injury.

“We’ve highlighted areas where players have done well and the areas where they bring a point of difference. It’s a competitive arena.

“And [we highlight] areas where we want them to develop them and add to their game. That’s the same conversation I had with Zach.

“When I’m talking to a player, I’m basing it in objectivity. I’m basing it on targets for them to go after, and then we can shape a shared understanding of what we’re seeing.

“Granted, sometimes as a coach you want something specific in a team, I’m always looking at all the coaches and all the players that are able to provide that.”