"Very, very lonely" - Shane Williams breaks silence on post-retirement struggles - Ruck

“Very, very lonely” – Shane Williams breaks silence on post-retirement struggles

Wales legendary winger Shane Williams has opened up on his struggles since hanging up his boots, having last played for Wales in 20211.

His countries record try-scorer, Williams finished playing professionally seven years ago, but does still play the odd match for his local team.

“I knew there was going to be a big void in my life once rugby had gone,” he told the Mirror. “Not playing was something I absolutely dreaded.

“It’s the camaraderie of the day to day stuff you miss the most. I struggled without it, I really did.

“People always think ‘you played rugby or football, you earned quite a bit of money, you did quite well, you must be fine’,” he said. “But everyone has their problems. Money doesn’t solve everything, I can assure you.

“We all cry, whether we’re a 6’11 second row or a 5’6 winger that used to play for Wales. We all get upset, depressed, suffer from anxiety in some shape or form.

“You go from spending almost every day – breakfast, lunch, sometimes dinner – with these boys around you,” he added.

“Then one day they’re not there any more. It can be very, very lonely.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of lads that have really struggled and at times been in dark places. Some are still struggling five to 10 years after retiring. As a sport we need to look out for each other more.”


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