Video emerges of Joe Marler grabbing Alun Wyn Jones by the balls

Joe Marler cupping Alun Wyn’s balls is the greatest moment in 6 Nations history.

Joe Marler grabbing Alun Wyn Jones

Seven times Joe Marler just didn’t give a FU*K

*Awkward turtle*.

1. When the salary cap was mentioned.


— Joe Marler (@JoeMarler) April 16, 2015

2. When he rinsed Jones’ ‘I woke up like this’ attempt.

Just rolled out of bed? @adamjones3

— Joe Marler (@JoeMarler) March 26, 2015

3. When he stated this utter truth.

The press really know how to make a mountain out of a snake hill!

— Joe Marler (@JoeMarler) June 2, 2015