Wales fans want match replayed after try was missed by referee against Ireland - Ruck

Wales fans want match replayed after try was missed by referee against Ireland

As anticipated, the outcome adhered closely to the pre-match expectations. Wales suffered a 24-point defeat against Ireland, extending their winless streak at Dublin’s venue to 12 years and six attempts.

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Post-match commentary from Wales echoed familiar sentiments, emphasizing the growth of a determined young team facing off against one of the world’s top-tier squads.

Yet, the game’s narrative might have veered differently had the on-field referee not overlooked a potential try for the visitors.

The pivotal moment unfolded in the 76th minute, following Crawley’s score that brought the tally to 24-7, as Wales pressed near the hosts’ try line after a prolonged series of pick-and-go maneuvers.

Among those lunging for the line were Tommy Reffell and Mackenzie Martin, but it was Aaron Wainwright who came closest, propelling himself forward with possession of the ball.

While Ireland had defenders in place, Wainwright’s effort appeared to have breached the try-line, with the ball seemingly grounded. Nevertheless, play continued as Piardi, the referee, ruled it short.

“The referee said it was short,” remarked ITV commentator Miles Harrison. “It looked like it might have clipped it, but again the referee was well-positioned. The best to see it, really.”

Upon closer examination, replays suggested that Wales may indeed have been unjustly denied a try, with the ball appearing to touch the try-line following Wainwright’s determined push forward.

“3/10” – 5 players who flopped in the third round of the 2024 Six Nations

We examine five players who struggled to deliver during the third round of the 2024 Guinness Six Nations, while England, Ireland, and France secured wins.

#1. Josh Adams (Wales)

Rugby Pass 3/10: “Scrambled on defence and offered a release with a big right boot. His leading role in the blitz defence meant he missed as many tackles as he made. Replaced by Mason Grady on 57 minutes.”

Rugby Dump 4/10: “Not the force he once way, Adams looks out of sorts at the moment and will be under pressure from the likes of Mason Grady who was superb when he came on.”

Planet Rugby 4/10: “Relatively quiet and spent most of the game defending but missed more tackles than he made. Would have liked to impose himself on the game more.”

Wales Online 5/10: “Didn’t get many opportunities to show his class with ball in hand but there were a few aimless kicks, and he missed a tackle on Ireland hooker Dan Sheehan in the first-half. Worked hard during the second-half but it wasn’t his day.”

Telegraph 5/10: “Tough day, copping an early blow tackling Aki before being steamrolled by Sheehan. Was later crunched too by a big Van der Flier tackle.”

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