Wallabies rally around the Honey Badger after Bachelor finale

Nick Cummins’ unsuccessful and highly public foray into the bubble of reality television has given his former Wallabies teammates plenty to chuckle about.

Cummins shocked Australia by turning down the final two contestants, Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman, in  the most bizarre ending to the show in recent years.

“I’m really feeling for him,” said Wallabies playmaker Bernard Foley with a grin. “To go through 12 weeks and not fall in love, poor bloke. He’ll be doing it tough now.

“We haven’t seen the last episode. We’ve got our journos onto it to make sure they get it in prime time viewing tonight but the feedback in the Whatsapp group was going off this morning, so we’ll have to wait and see.

“We haven’t heard anything [from him] yet so we were kept in the dark like you guys. It’ll be pretty interesting to see what happens next.”


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