WATCH: FIVE players sent off and referee forced to abandon match

WRU set to probe National League clash between Malpas and West Mon after fighting saw the referee abandon the match… but the teams were still pals sharing a beer afterwards

Players from Ferndale and Rhigos and Porth and Wattstown were captured on video fighting on the sands by the Civic Centre.

Hundreds of spectators, including children, looked on as players came to blows in two mass brawls.

No-one was arrested, but the teams were immediately disqualified from the tournament and banned from future events.

Malpas RFC secretary Mark Cox admits he’s fearing WRU repercussions.

“There were five red cards for head butts and punching,” said Cox to Wales Online.


We had two sent off and they had three. It was one of those days when there was a bit of stupidity.”

Asked if he thought the WRU would take action, he said: “I would think so. But it really wasn’t really a dirty game. And as always we met up for a beer afterwards

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