WATCH: James Haskell reveals how'drunken' analysis clip happened - Ruck

WATCH: James Haskell reveals how’drunken’ analysis clip happened

After initial speculation and then relentless needling on Twitter, James Haskell appeared on Soccer AM with Will Greenwood to discuss their infamous post-match TV howler.

Greenwood’s initial reaction was brilliant!

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I have watched this 300 times.. I have left messages for @jameshask on what’s app crying, I mean truly crying, with laughter… Hask responded crying and taking the michael out of himself. He described how he sounds “tranquilised”. It is comedy gold!! But there is nothing more sinister than sheer misfortune!! I promise everybody – THIS WAS NOT HIS FAULT!!! I have done 16 years of tv.. never known anything like it.. It was all down to what was happening in the earpieces – we wear them to hear the show, director, and producer while analysing. The earpieces were missing every second syllable, they were synchronised behind real time and then repeating in your ear… if you watch it back I am only just holding on…. totally and utterly impossible to maintain “diction” and thought process… no one will believe him but there was absolutely nothing James could do.. my man of the match interview I very very nearly did the same thing… But Holy Shit it is funny…

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