WATCH: Oldest ever rugby footage from 1899 - Ruck

WATCH: Oldest ever rugby footage from 1899

Well dressed men and a young boy are standing at a rail.

The first team enter the field, ducking under the metal bar, followed by the second team, both teams in horizontally striped jerseys.

The referee wears long trousers and jacket and even a pocket watch chain is evident. One of the players wears protective headgear.

A man in a top hat comes onto the field. Injured player carried off. Views of crowd watching, rather formally dressed in comparison with today.

10 of the oldest rugby clubs in the world

10. Cambridge University – 1872

The Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club (CURUFC) was officially founded in 1872, but it was an evolution of the side created by Albert Pell (from Rugby School) and Edgar Montague (from Shrewsbury) in 1846.

9. Barnes Club – 1858

Local historians insist the club was playing games as early as 1839. However, the year 1858 is the date the club was officially formed, and 1862 is the date given for their first official match.

8. Blackheath – 1858

“In 1858 the Blackheath Football Club was founded by some of the old boys of the school as an open club, and so was born the first rugby club in the world without restricted membership,” so says Blackheath themselves.