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WATCH: Piers Morgan tears apart anti-rugby Professor’s argument live on morning television

Professor Allyson Pollock wants rugby tackles and scrums banned in schools as she claims it is detrimental to children’s health.

Supported by former England rugby player Maggie Alphonsi, Piers Morgan challenges her calls for the ban.


9 Responses

  1. Well, there we go, another do gooder trying to wrap our kids up in cotton wool. My daughter now coaches rugby, due to injury. I as a mother should automatically agree with her, but I don’t. The benefits that she had gained from rugby, not just on the pitch, but off it, far outweigh the injury she has suffered. Rugby is a magnificent sport and she is talking rubbish.

  2. Michael Sagehorn

    In California we have entire self righteous academics like this. We are building more youth/school programs each season. What’s interesting is nearly every mom who comes to their child’s matches loves the game. The sportsmanship aspect- after game juicebox with the other team always impresses.

  3. Stuart

    One thing that is never presented is the counterpoint argument that Piers Morgan makes. Yes, contact sports (and non-contact sports) have risks. But, they also have benefits. Kids that play competitive sports do better in school, have lower rates of drug and alcohol usage and graduate less than kids that play in organized sports. Throw in health issues like obesity and a fair comparison would show that any risk brought on by contact sports is far offset when the downsides are properly accounted for.

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  5. Iain Hughes

    There you go another snow flake trying to reduce the rest of the planet to her level of life. When will people like this realise that some, not all parents are prepared to allow there kids some risk in life and don’t want to be told by someone who looks like she works in a library how to live their lives..

  6. David

    So Professor Alyson Pollock wants to stop impact in rugby as its dangerous. So do we stop heading in football, cycling, running, marshal arts, hockey, rock climbing, swimming and almost any sport as yu could answer they are all dangerous? What doe she want us to do? If we sit on the sofa and play video games, that affects our minds. Is this woman suggesting we sit in a room and do nothing “just in case”? What a load of rubbish. Sport and competition is part of human DNA. Get Professor Alyson Pollock off the TV and stop her funding, she’s talking absolute rubbish!

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