When team-mates collide: 5 infamous fights between players on the same side

Here are some truly memorable rugby bust-ups between rugby players down the years that you simply just have to laugh about.

1. Martin Johnson & Lewis Moody, 2004

Moody’s desire to impress on his return after injury in 2004 caused a flare-up with the then Tigers captain.

“It was my first session and I was extra keen, trying to do everything and hit everything,” Moody told The Sun.

“Tempers flared and ‘Johnno’ and I had a little coming together. He gave me a little dink and I gave him a little dink – but his hurt a lot more! It’s just typical training ground stuff. You need that friendly rivalry.”

The former England captain also famously came to blows with Tigers teammate Alesana Tuilagi when England faced Samoa at Twickenham.


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